Wavrydr.com Wireless TV Listening Device for Bars and Restaurants

"The best measure of innovation is how it improves the competitiveness of the customer or consumer." James McNerny, Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Aircraft.



There is a bar in the upper mid-west called the "No Sports Bar". Can you guess what their busiest day of the year was? More on that later. It is estimated that only 40% of patrons are interested in sports on television but they come in because of the other people it attracts.  When one bar owner was asked why he does not try to capture this huge audience he responded: "We just don't get that many people in here that want to watch something other than sports". The Wavrydr will get those people in and they will stay longer.

When checking the Nielsen ratings (See: http://zap2it.com/tv/ratings) it becomes obvious that a huge demographic is being ignored. Many people would stop in for lunch if they could watch CNN or FNC AND hear it. Lunch is a perfect opportunity to catch up on the markets and the news instead of only lunch. With proper promotion, a seat occupancy increase can be realized almost immediately. The real potential is seen after several months as customers tell their friends.

At this writing 'Dancing with the stars' and 'NCIS' were ranked higher than general sports on the network listings. ESPN does not even rank in the top 20 cable listings unless a featured game is on. With Wavrydr every TV set can be set to a unique channel so each customer can watch what they want to watch and the bar will be quiet for those only interested in visiting with each other or listening to the house music.

By the way, the busiest day of the year for the "No Sports Bar" was Super-bowl Sunday!

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