Wavrydr.com Wireless TV Listening Device for Bars and Restaurants

"The best measure of innovation is how it improves the competitiveness of the customer or consumer." James McNerny, Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Aircraft.



Welcome to the Wavrydr website. The Wavrydr is the only true personal wireless audio listening device ever designed for the commercial bar and restaurant market. The Wavrydr, when properly used and promoted, offers one of the most cost effective profit enhancement solutions of any product available.

On September 1st, 1928, Philo Farnsworth first demonstrated a fully electronic television device to the news media. As the "talkie" movie technology was also coming of age he had the foresight to include sound with his invention. For 80 years sound has been an equal part of TELEvision. In today's world, picture quality is near perfect, programming is almost bewildering in variety and bar owners may invest $50K > $60K for TV sets and never address the issue of sound. Although it is estimated that only 40% of the public is interested in sports over other programming it is usually on the screens because it is pro- gramming that can be somewhat  followed without commentary.

Some bars and restaurants continue to make money in bad economic times and some go bankrupt in the best of times. It all comes down to management philosophy. This site is best interpreted by managers/ owners that are thinkers, are likely already successful and are looking for the most cost effective way to add margin to their net revenues.

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