Wavrydr.com Wireless TV Listening Device for Bars and Restaurants

"The best measure of innovation is how it improves the competitiveness of the customer or consumer." James McNerny, Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Aircraft.

Small Enough to Set on The Service Rail, NOT Val & Courtney



Profit/Loss: The spread between the cost of doing business and total receipts at the register. Example: Cost of doing business is paid by an average of 10 seats filled during open hours. A 10% profit can be realized by filling 11 average seats. An increase of 9% of seats filled translates to a 100% increase in profit (12 seat average) assuming costs increase minimally. Note below. The viability of a bar/restaurant as a money making entity is determined by averages NOT the 15 extra people you have during the 3 hour entertainment that costs $150.

Those 15 extra people for 3 hours in a business open 84 hours a week translates to .54 seats filled, on the average, at a cost of $150. $150/.54 seats per week = $278 to increase the average seating by 1 single seat during business hours. The WavRydr® Costs $150 a MONTH and in 60 months you own it. 150/4.333 ~ $35/week. That is the cost of one well drink per day and it will work for you from the time you open until the time you close. The WavRydr has been shown to increase average seating by more than one seat, but for the sake of illustration, one extra seat average per week costs $35 with our system, not $278. And if a customer doesn't like the entertainer you hire, they very well may leave.

It costs money to create profit. The Wavrydr system offers one of the highest cost to profit ratios of any known method. The more you read about WavRydr®, the more sense it makes.

Note. The numbers used are for example and vary with the business.

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