Wavrydr.com Wireless TV Listening Device for Bars and Restaurants

"The best measure of innovation is how it improves the competitiveness of the customer or consumer." James McNerny, Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Aircraft.

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As is true with any service industry business, emphasizing what you do that is different from your competitors will give the best return for your money. A fillet mignon in the kitchen won't sell if it isn't on the menu. A properly trained staff makes all the difference when making your Wavrydr investment pay for itself many times over. Just as bartender training involves much more than how to mix drinks and make change it is equally important to know the best way to introduce and instruct the customer on the use and advantages of the Wavrydr.

All employees, including the cooks, have to continuously sell for success. NEVER assume the customer knows anything! Wavrydr personnel will instruct your staff in how to interface with your customers in the best non-intrusive way to show them how easy it is to use the Wavrydr and make their visit more enjoyable.

It doesn't do us any service if the Wavrydr system is not a run-away success for our customers. If the potential of the system is not taken advantage of by our customers it is bad advertising for us. On the other hand, if we can help you make it an indispensable part of your business it will be better than the best advertising we could buy. The ability to train your staff has to be part of any lease or purchase contract.

Please call for more information on in house training.

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