Wavrydr.com Wireless TV Listening Device for Bars and Restaurants

"The best measure of innovation is how it improves the competitiveness of the customer or consumer." James McNerny, Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Aircraft.

Small Enough to Set on The Service Rail, NOT Val & Courtney



The Wavrydr® is a personal listening system that allows people to listen to the audio output from any device or appliance that has an audio output jack. This includes TV sets, CD players, computers, radios, etc.

The Wave receiver has two output jacks so two people can listen to the same programming using one unit or one person can use either one or two earpieces. The personal volume is easily set on the wave receiver and the programming source (TV set) is selected on the receiver as well. Audio level can be set very loud for the hearing impaired without disturbing other patrons.

The Wavrydr® system has been tested with as many as 30 TV sets in a single room. Each set can be listened to independently of the others with no interference. The wavrydr is perfect for sports bars.


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